How to Create a Detailed Outline for your Research Essay

The early stages of developing a research essay are often marred with plenty of uncertainties for students and ask about how to write my essays online. At the start, you will not have the benefit of hindsight to know the direction your study will take. Thus, it helps if you are open-minded about making productive alterations to your initial intentions while you write.

An outline for a research essay is essential for ensuring that you get the process right. The first thing you need to do is write the topic or title on a new page. Take your time to let the subject matter sink in before you start writing. Also, go through the assignment instructions with your topic in mind. Ensure you understand what you need to do before you think of an approach. Once you are done with this, follow the guideline below.

Outlining the Introduction of the Research Essay

After the title, place your first subheading—the introduction. Think about the central point you want to make and all the main ideas you want to include. You should not be worried about being specific or rigid in this section since the research may change your mind about the position you want to take.

Start with noting down the background that you are basing your study on. Historical and other contextual information will appear in this section. Additionally, try to specify the details of the history you are providing by writing the sources that you are using. This will save you plenty of time later when you start referencing the piece.

Insert your hypothesis and make sure it clearly defines what you purpose to achieve in the research essay. Again, use in-text citations to help you remember the sources you used for the various sections. You can also quote the author if it will help you with developing the argument later.

Main Idea Section of the Research Essay Outline

Under this subheading of your research essay outline, write down the titles of the supporting topics. Briefly describe the arguments that will go into this section while employing the tactics mentioned above—writing the sources alongside the points. Organize these ideas logically so that the most significant one shows up first.

It is wise to exercise consistency in the paper by using the same tone throughout. Use short sentences that drive at the heart of your argument so that you do not end up writing the entire research essay in the outline. Build support for each point by justifying or proving the thesis statement.

What can your readers take home from reading the paper? Try to answer this question by stating why the research is warranted. Ideally, you need to find a way to fix the initial statement here. However, it should provide a catharsis that ties the entire essay together.

Do not forget about the essential role that grammar plays in every academic submission. Additionally, adhere to the structure you have been given at school to supplement the outline provided in this article. Finally, read and reread your research essay to take care of any errors.

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