Guideline on Writing a Critical Literature Review Dissertation

A dissertation is a study that a student fulfills as part of their doctoral program. Due to the paper’s significance, the writers strive to add new information to an existing body of work. This is achieved by analyzing literature that has been uncovered in the field. On the other hand, the student can conduct primary research by collecting, interpreting, and commenting on data related to the subject.

A dissertation is divided into chapters that organize the information into digestible chunks. The literature review is one of the necessary items a student includes in their paper. The section contains published works that offer some guidance, context, and justification for the study. Writing a critical literature review for a dissertation can be challenging for most students. This article provides you with an expert guideline on how you can go about crafting your piece.

Reading Strategies for the Literature under Review

Compiling a dissertation requires you to comb through plenty of published works to find ones that are relevant to your chosen area of study. It would be best to learn strategies that will help you read through the literature critically. These skills will allow you to write a critical literature review for the dissertation. Once you have collected your sources, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What subject does the publication cover? Is it relevant to your study?
  • Who are the authors of the work you are reviewing? Are they qualified to write about the topic?
  • When was the source compiled? Is the data relevant to the dissertation?

H2: Group the Sources by Particular Categories

If all your collected sources are relevant to the dissertation, then they must share a connection between them. For instance, some might be in line with a particular line of reasoning, while others are literature written around the same time. On the other hand, some may discuss specific issues while others employed similar methodologies. Sorting them out will help you to write a critical literature review for your dissertation.

Tips to Use to Write a Critical Literature Review for a Dissertation

Use the sources to create a comparative and contrasting review of the theories and views while stating where your dissertation lies. You can also describe the limitations bounding other studies and show the relevance of this information to your research. You should also use the academic material to point to arguments that support the paper you are writing.

Moreover, your writing should strive to qualify your support for any literature that you are using by pointing out the weaknesses. If you are in disagreement with any part of the work, you should provide detailed justifications for your alternative view. Lastly, your paper should connect the actions together.

In summary, it helps to find out more about writing a critical literature review dissertation. Your school will provide a detailed guideline for the entire process. Nevertheless, your instructor may offer invaluable assistance to your cause. Remember to discuss your approach with them so that you can be sure you are on the right track in your paper.

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