How you need to defense your thesis paper to the commission

After you finish writing your thesis, don’t forget that it’s not the final version, more than, you need to prepare for the defense of your study project, where you can get some point for your general result. As usual, the commission includes some good teachers or professors, which will listen to your performance in the university hall and see the basic material, which you can bring to them. The most popular way, how you can defend your thesis in the most actual way, is by a making short presentation and preparing your personal speech for them. So, if you decide to do your best work, you should write the introduction, main part, and conclusion, during your study project will be shown to the other people. So, when we discussing the main part and how we can manage with the basic information, try to find that commission will put to some question and you need to be able to find the answer for them. As usual these questions in the various lanes of difficulty, you can receive a question about the terminus, or someone can ask about what methodic you will be using in the second chapter when you rewrite your analytical par, and how you can make your country ng result for this part. So, if you can do it for the best term try to choose the most interesting and good way, how you can try to show the most interesting, you will receive the best result as you can. When we are trying to make our defense papers, we need to do them all in the short term. We just trying to choose how you can make your academic paper in the shortest term, it needs to be fixed by the concrete time period. The most popular time period in your performance we can divide in the way:

  • When you are starting your performance and show your presentation, say something about your idea, the name of your theme, and which problems you solve in your research. It’s nearly taking two or three minutes, no more.
  • Than introduction. You can show the main parts of the theoretic research, which you are using in your study project and how you can make your academic paper in a good way, which authors you will choose for analysis, and how you make your literature review. This part can include nearly five minutes.
  • The analytical part must be more massive, you can present all of your developments and shortly describe the main results. It’s usually taking ten or fifteen minutes.
  • In final, you need to make a good conclusion for your performance, don’t widen it for a long time. The good conclusion includes nearly five minutes.

In general, if you will have good time management for you it’s can give you a lot of personal skills for your writing skills. So when you are trying to make your academic paper in the short term, try to choose for them the most popular and interesting way.

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